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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SR-AHEC?
Southern Regional AHEC provides health care to the community and training to medical students and health care professionals.

Southern Regional AHEC was chartered in 1974 as a nonprofit corporation – Fayetteville Area Health Education Foundation, Inc. and was first named Fayetteville AHEC, better known as FAHEC. The name changed to Southern Regional AHEC or SR-AHEC in 1997 to better reflect the nine-county region served.

Who does SR-AHEC serve?
SR-AHEC serves as medical facility for families in Cumberland County and surrounding areas and a health care education facility and resource center for health care students and professionals in a nine-county region: Bladen, Cumberland, Harnett, Hoke, Moore, Richmond, Robeson, Sampson, Scotland

What does SR-AHEC do?
Southern Regional AHEC serves a dual role in health care in the region. It is a medical facility for patients and an education campus for students and health care professionals to keep up to date on technology and treatment.

The Family Medicine Center is a medical facility that provides health care to patients of all ages. It is also home to Duke University Medical Center’s Family Medicine Residency Program, where family physicians earn board certification.

Clinical Education and Services (CEAS) is part of the Family Medicine Residency Program and coordinates learning opportunities for the family medicine residents and medical students.

Regional Education and Information Services (REIS) provides continuing education services to health care professionals in hospitals, public health departments, long term care centers and nursing facilities, mental health centers and other regional health care agencies

REIS also offers off-campus degree programs.

Information Access Center (IAC) is a medical library, offering state of the art technical and traditional medical literature resources.

North Carolina Evidence Based Practices Center (NCEBPC) at Southern Regional AHEC provides continuing education and trains mental health clinicians and other service providers in the use of evidence based practices for effective treatment of mental illness.

Office of Regional Primary Care Education (ORPCE) facilitates community-based health education experiences for health professions students from North Carolina’s academic medical centers.

What services are provided through The Specialty Medicine Center?
Local specialists, as well as doctors from Duke University Medical Center and UNC-Chapel Hill, School of Medicine see patients in The Specialty Medicine Center Clinics. These clinics include: specialty services for patients with HIV infection; a clinic providing medical evaluations for children who may be victims of abuse; a pediatric cardiology clinic; and a clinic for children with Sickle Cell disease.