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2009 Graduate Dr. Justin Daniel
Hear Dr. Daniel describe his 2009 residency!

"As I look back on the year I spent as the CFVHS / SR-AHEC pharmacy resident, I am amazed at the opportunities afforded to me, the learning experiences I participated in, and the friendships forged with the physicians, nurses, and fellow pharmacists.
As the SR-AHEC/CFVHS pharmacy resident I had multiple opportunities to teach, lead, and learn. Through the residency program my skills as a clinical professional were honed. I was taught discipline and perseverance. My communication skills, problem solving skills, time management skills, as well as many more, were vastly improved upon. These skills have helped me further my career and make me a better practitioner. I am currently an owner of a retail pharmacy and I can safely say that without the life experiences that were given to me through the CFVHS / SR-AHEC residency program I would not have been capable of handling the many responsibilities of pharmacy ownership. The CFVHS / SR-AHEC residency program gave me a unique perspective of clinical pharmacy which I have attempted to apply in the retail setting.

The program gave me the opportunity to teach in the UNC Chapel Hill School of Pharmacy’s pharmaceutical care lab as a clinical instructor. I also spent time at Duke Medical Center working in the investigational drug pharmacy learning about the processes involved with drugs in clinical trials. I also staffed an indigent clinic monthly as a service aspect of my residency, participated in several local brown bag events, and spoke at a health career fair for the local high schools. All of these experiences taught me the importance of giving back to the profession. I currently host students for local high schools health career classes and precept students for the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy and Campbell University School of Pharmacy. My pharmacy donates thousands of dollars worth of medications annually to disaster relief medical missions and to local indigents. We are currently working towards starting our own community residency program which will afford us the opportunity to give back even more.
The CFVHS / SR-AHEC residency program was a positive life changing experience for me. I highly encourage anyone who is considering a residency to look closely at the CFVHS / SR-AHEC pharmacy residency program. "