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2010 Graduate Dr. Susy Basheer
Hear Dr. Basheer and Dr. Parikh describe their 2010 residencies!

"During my time at the SR-AHEC/CFVHS PGY1 residency program, I developed the ability to effectively create interdisciplinary relationships with other health professionals and became an appreciated clinical asset to the hospital as well as, a valued preceptor for pharmacy students. To future residents I offer this advice, you are here to learn. Try to stay organized, do your best, and ask for help when needed. Realize that everyone is here to help you and do not be too critical on yourself. Take the time to get to know the other (medical) residents and other pharmacists because it will make work more fun and enjoyable! My rotations proved to be very valuable. The program granted me many opportunities to pursue my interest and supported my quest to aide in the Haiti catastrophe. My experience allowed me to improve my time management skills, become a more confident and competent clinician, and feel empowered to take charge in any situation."

2010 Graduate Dr. Swati Parikh
Hear Dr. Basheer and Dr. Parikh describe their 2010 residencies!

"I am a much stronger pharmacist because of the experiences I had over the past year in the CFVHS / SRAHEC residency program. I feel more comfortable in my role as a pharmacist after completing this residency. During my residency I was able to work closely with medical residents, teach pharmacy and medical students, and work in a wide variety of practice settings. Prior to the residency, I was nervous about working in a hospital, as I did not have much experience in this environment, but I now feel at ease practicing in this setting. During my internal medicine, cardiology, critical care, and other rotations, I gained the skills necessary to work effectively and provide value in a health system. I was also privileged participate in many experiences such at attending HIV clinics with specialists. Of all the exciting things I did during this last year, working with students during the UNC Care Labs would be hard to top. The students taught me a lot about being a life-long learner and how rewarding it is to contribute to the learning of others. Now that I have graduated from the program I am ready to begin my career as a clinical pharmacist. I excited to know that I will be an asset to inpatient and ambulatory care teams."