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2011 Graduate Dr. Nick Nelson
Hear Dr. Nelson describe his 2011 residency!

"I immediately knew the PGY1 program at CFVHS/SR-AHEC was a perfect fit for me. I got this feeling during the interview day and it continued throughout the entire year. This program allowed me to explore my interests and complete the goals I had set for myself. During my interview I expressed an interest in pharmacogenomics to Dr. Miller and by the end of the interview day she confirmed that she could set up this sort of rotation for me at UNC-Chapel Hill. Besides this customized elective rotation, my residency project also dealt with pharmacogenomics. It allowed me the unique experience of working directly with the individuals at Chapel Hill who aided in developing the warfarin dosing iPhone application. While all of my rotations were beneficial to my education, my nephrology elective was my favorite. Within this 4 week rotation I developed and implemented a vancomycin dosing protocol for hemodialysis patients which is now being utilized for patients at Highsmith Rainey Hospital, the LTAC. Throughout the residency, I built strong multidisciplinary relationships with the AHEC family medicine residents. This relationship was strengthened while attending a white-water rafting retreat. I had a great time getting to know the residents on a personal level while charging down the river, scaling a rock wall, and developing team skills as we devised a budget for a fictional circus. I even earned myself the nickname, “Savior,” by rescuing one of the medical residents after she fell out of the raft. I could not have asked for a better year; the people, the projects, the rotations, all provided me with the skills to move on to the next phase of my career. If you are looking for a program that provides a diverse experience that will challenge you to become a better clinician each day, then CFVHS/SR-AHEC is the perfect match."

2011 Graduate Dr. Megan Glanville
Hear Dr. Glanville describe her 2011 residency!

"Completing my PGY1 residency at CFVHS / SR-AHEC was an excellent choice for me. The faculty, staff, and residents immediately welcomed me and involved me in all activities both professionally and casually. One of my favorite experiences was developing a close working relationship with the medical residents. Together we initiated new clinic services integrating our practices. We improved patient care by implementing pre-visit planning in which patients would meet with a pharmacy resident prior to their physician’s appointment allowing the patient extra time to review medications and obtain lab work to in advance. Another experience I was proud to be involved in was my pharmacy residency project. I built a research project from start to finish within the course of the year. It is exciting to say that with the help of the Cumberland County Medication Assistance Program we collected over $70,000 worth of unused medications and have re-dispensed about $20,000 worth of those medications. Not only does this prevent waste but it also improves the health for patients who may otherwise be unable to afford necessary medications. These are only two examples of many experiences that challenged me to grow as a pharmacist in the past year. With the knowledge I have gained in both in-patient care and ambulatory care I am excited to move forward in my career. This region and the people in it have become home to me and I am looking forward to joining the Cape Fear Valley pharmacy team as I transition beyond my residency. "