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Pharmacy Residency Alumni 2013

Dawn Battise, Pharm.D.
Johanne Bennett

When the interview process began, my situation was a bit unique, to say the least.  It wasn’t until internal med during my 4th year of pharmacy school that I even realized completing a PGY1 residency was the right decision for me.  As an independent community pharmacy intern for the previous 5 years it was staggering for me when I came to the realization of my passion.  I wanted a challenge.  I wanted to be a vital part of the healthcare team.  I wanted to become an inpatient clinical pharmacist.  After completing the on-site interview at CFVHS/SR-AHEC there was no uncertainty as to where I needed begin my career.
To be completely honest with you, there were initial concerns.  Upon completing orientation, I realized how intense this program was, but being one of the better programs in the state that was to be expected.   I immediately developed a close interpersonal relationship with the RPD, Dr. Susan Miller.  She is an extremely passionate and driven director who has her residents’ best interest in mind at all times.  Dr. Miller was very receptive to my input throughout the year but she also served as my mentor by teaching and also allowing autonomy once earned.
This program is very unique.  You begin simultaneously with 1st year medical residents which encourages the development of a strong multidisciplinary team.  It’s impossible to quantify just how much I have learned this past year.  The pharmacy knowledge is obvious, but I have grown in so many other ways.  I am now confident as a lecturer, preceptor and researcher.  I have become just what I strived for, a clinical pharmacist.  I have recently signed with CFVHS and I look forward to working there next year.


This residency has provided me with many opportunities and has opened my eyes to different areas of interest which I would not have pursued if not for the residency program.  The program offers a teaching certificate, and prior to starting, I had absolutely no interest in teaching; however, as the year progressed and I had the opportunity to precept students, teach at UNC, and provide education to medical staff, I found myself developing a strong passion for teaching and precepting.  As a result, I would like to pursue a faculty position in the future.  As a resident, I had many projects throughout the year, including teaching/educating/precepting, a research project involving the development of a business plan, a grand rounds presentation on phantom limb syndrome, and community activities, such as the Care Clinic (which I will continue after completion of the residency).  One of my favorite projects was a journal club where it was discussed what time of day is best for administering antihypertensive medications.  It was a very interactive presentation, and I was able to extrapolate information from the article and apply it to SR-AHEC patients, such as the number needed to treat.

With all of the projects needing to be completed, the support system of CFVHS/SR-AHEC became extremely crucial.  It sometimes felt like preceptors would know just the right time to text me to give me that extra boost of motivation, and I have become very close friends with all of the medical residents.  CFVHS/SR-AHEC is a strong proponent of multidisciplinary interaction, and I enjoyed being able to work beside such great people.  The program is also very flexible.  About half way through the residency, my interests started to change and I was able to switch some of my rotations to better fit the new direction I was heading.  The residents really have a voice here and their opinions matter.  Overall, the residency provided many challenges and moments of triumph, and at times I found myself thinking, ‘If I only had 3 more hours to complete that project, it would have been banging.’  If I were to rewind one year and be in the process of residency interviews and the match, I would absolutely do this residency again. It has been an invaluable experience, and I would recommend this program to anyone looking at completing a pharmacy residency.