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Pharmacy Residency Alumni 2014

Dawn Battise, Pharm.D.
Johanne Bennett

The Residency program at CFVHS/SRAHEC provided me with invaluable experiences and opportunities to grow and succeed as a clinical pharmacist. I spent my residency training focused on the inpatient hospital setting and teaching. Throughout my time as a resident, the program allowed me to accomplish my professional goals through exceptional clinical rotations, teaching opportunities for pharmacists as well as other healthcare professionals, and precepting multiple pharmacy students. 
The residency program is very unique in such a way that you’re starting a residency with first year medical residents and you are encouraged to develop interpersonal relationships in multidisciplinary environments. In addition, you are able to provide the continuity of patient care in both inpatient and ambulatory care settings.
Looking back, the most memorable moment from this residency program for me was when a patient remembered me as a part of his or her treatment team from several months ago in the hospital. When I realized that I made a difference in that patient’s life, my title didn’t matter, it was about having an impact on that person’s life that truly mattered.
Although the residency program is supposed to be challenging, I realized the value of endless guidance and support from our residency program director, Dr. Susan Miller, and many preceptors and mentors throughout the entire year. Dr. Miller has the best interest of residents’ personal and professional success at heart and she still keeps in touch with every past resident.

Overall, this residency was a wonderful learning experience. I firmly believe that I now have the skill set and confidence to perform as a clinical pharmacist. After the completion of my residency, I was offered a position with Cape Fear Valley Health System and am excited to start my new career.

The PGY-1 pharmacy residency program at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center/SR-AHEC has many great qualities, including the flexibility to cater to your interests- even if they’re changing.  The program is very focused on you as a new pharmacist and on giving you what you want out of your residency experience.  Throughout the year, you develop skills that will allow you to excel in any type of pharmacist role you choose to pursue.  I truly feel that the possibilities are endless here because if there’s not an experience offered that fits your interests, they will make one for you.  The best piece of advice I would give a future resident is to follow your interests and make the residency what you want it to be. 
As a resident, you have many opportunities for teaching and precepting.  I knew coming out of pharmacy school that I wanted to be a preceptor and I was looking for a residency program that would help me develop those skills.  The teaching certificate, teaching opportunities at UNC, and precepting opportunities helped me accomplish these.  I was the preceptor for pharmacy students during my drug information, internal medicine, and ambulatory care rotations.  I have grown so much as a teacher and a preceptor thanks to this program.
The most rewarding part of my time spent as a resident at Cape Fear Valley/SR-AHEC was being able to see my recommendations impact patient care.  It is so fulfilling to see physicians following your recommendations and to have them accept you as an integral part of the multidisciplinary team.  It’s incredible to work with patients and hear them say that you’ve made an impact on their lives.
Dr. Miller, the residency program director, is amazing at what she does and is there to support you 100 percent.  She is an excellent role model and truly desires us, as residents, to succeed.  As a result of my residency experience, my confidence as a pharmacist has grown tremendously.  When I make a recommendation, I feel confident that I’m making the best decision for my patients.  This residency has given me the tools, as a pharmacist, to handle anything that comes my way.