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Pharmacy Residency Alumni 2014

Dawn Battise, Pharm.D.
Johanne Bennett

From the time I began pharmacy school at Campbell University, I knew that a residency was something I wanted to pursue after graduation.  I knew that it would help give me the confidence, experience, and knowledge needed to become a well-rounded pharmacist who can succeed in a variety of settings.  

As I began my search of residency programs to apply to, the Cape Fear Valley/SR-AHEC program stood out for the many opportunities it offered residents to gain a wide variety of experiences.  Cape Fear Valley Medical Center offers a large array of inpatient rotations, while SR-AHEC offers a unique setting for ambulatory care rotations. I was fortunate to have a few student rotations at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center and at SR-AHEC.

At the start of my residency I knew I wanted a challenging program that would push me beyond my comfort zone and allow me to grow as a new pharmacist. This program has met that and so much more. I’m so grateful to have found a program that incorporated everything I was looking for: a variety of experiences, the chance to be part of an interdisciplinary team, teaching and precepting experiences, and an overall great place to practice pharmacy.  Throughout both inpatient and ambulatory care rotations, the pharmacy and medical residents share the responsibility of caring for their patients.  This unique collaboration between disciplines has given me the opportunity to be an integral part of the patient care team. 

One of my favorite experiences as a resident was getting to precept and create my own ambulatory care rotation for pharmacy students. I was excited to put into practice the tools I learned from the teaching certificate program. I really feel like I have grown so much as a teacher and a preceptor because of the training I received here.

Dr. Miller, the residency program director, and staff I have met here could not have been more kind or helpful, and they had a genuine desire to see me succeed. Now as I move forward in my career, I feel more confident in my ability as a clinical pharmacist because I was able to practice alongside experts in the diverse areas that pharmacy has to offer.  

As I reflect on the past year of residency with the Cape Fear Valley Health System/Southern Regional-Area Health Education Center, it amazes me how far I have progressed as a pharmacist.  Coming into the residency, I had prior experience as an IV room technician and in pharmacy research.  Now I’ve had many different patient care experiences, opportunities to refine my communication skills, and developed my own research.

During the residency, there were two experiences that solidified my transition from pharmacy student to practicing pharmacist.  The first came during my second internal medicine rotation, where I felt I had become an integral part of the patient care team.  The team looked to me for recommendations, and I was able to be a model for the student I was Precepting.  The other experience was receiving a signed card from all the surgical unit staff at the end of the rotation.  It signified to me the importance of not just imparting clinical knowledge but developing professional relationships.

The CFVHS/SR-AHEC program has a multitude of strengths.  The rotation faculty are all focused on your development, and this is expertly coordinated by Dr. Miller.  You also have a dual personality as a CFVHS and SR-AHEC team member, which means you get program support from both sites.  The SR-AHEC has affiliations with both UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke, which provides further library and education resources. 

After completing this program, I feel very prepared going into a PGY2 in pharmacy administration at the University of Maryland Medical Center.