Medical Library

The SR-AHEC Medical Library** primarily supports the SR-AHEC faculty, residents, staff, preceptors, Board of Trustees, and affiliated students in their health/medical information, research, and instruction needs. The library is also available to practicing health professionals and to students currently enrolled in health science curricula in the nine-county area served by SR-AHEC. Patients of The Family Medical Center at SR-AHEC are encouraged to use the library to find more information about their health. The general public seeking health information may also use the library.

The SR-AHEC Medical Library offers the following services to individuals and organizations:

*Fees may apply for these services

**The health information provided by the SR-AHEC IAC Medical Library Services is not intended to substitute for medical advice or care from a physician or other healthcare professionals. This information is intended for personal use only and should not be construed as medical advice, instruction, or endorsement. Please consult your healthcare provider with specific questions.