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Welcome to the Students & Preceptors section of our website. This section is designed to assist advanced degree students who are looking to fulfill their rotations in the Southern Regional nine-county area. The Office of Regional Primary Care Education (ORPCE) facilitates these rotations and coordinates housing for students. You can find housing information and policies on the left side of the ORPCE page. The ORPCE also recruits and supports individual preceptors who work with these students. Preceptors are linked to information and technology resources through the ORCPE.

In this section, you will also find information on our Health Careers and Workforce Diverslty Program. This comprehensive program offers a variety of activities and resources for students in first grade through high school that encourages them to explore careers in health care. Just click on the Health Careers link on the left to find out more and how you, your child or your student can learn more about the abundant opportunities offered through a career in health care.

ORPCE Contacts VCOM Contacts
Russet Rogers, Vice President
(910) 678-7249
Sushma Kapoor, M.D., Director
Tonya Burney, Associate Director
(910) 678-7201
Kristyn Keefe, Associate Director
(910) 678-7214
Siti Ricks, Logistics Coordinator
(910) 678-7299