Hands on Learning
  • Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Duty Hour Compliance and Awareness and Post-Graduate Year One Pharmacy Residents (Jennifer Canady)


  • The Impact of a Clinical Pharmacist Rounding with a Hospitalists’ Service (Justin Daniel)


  • Prospective Evaluation of Two Vancomycin Dosing Strategies in Achieving Targeted Study- State Trough Serum Concentration (Susy Basheer)


  • U-500 Insulin- An Analysis of Diabetes Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction (Swati Parikh)


  • A Retrospective Evaluation of an Electronic Warfarin Dosing Algorithm at Predicting Initial Weekly  Doses in Patients Initiated on Warfarin Therapy (Nick Nelson)


  • Utility of Re-dispensing of Medications Donated by Patients and Their Families (Megan Glanville)


  • Evaluation of Need and Desire among New Pharmacy Practitioners for Motivational Interviewing to be Incorporated into Pharmacy Education Curricula (Dawn Batisse)


  • The Effect of the Transition of Care Clinic interdisciplinary Team Intervention on Quality of Heart Failure Transition of Care (Johnanne Bennett)


  • A Business Plan for the Expansion of a Nurse Practitioner Run Diabetes Clinic (Lisa Steuck)


  • Impact of a Clinical Pharmacist at a Long Term Acute Care Hospital (Dustin Bryan)


  • Impact of a Pharmacist in the Care of Hospitalized Patients with COPD (Autumn Mittleider)


  • Impact of Pharmacist Initiated Antimicrobial Communication at day 5 of Therapy (Brad Hughes)


  • Potential Effects of a Treatment Pathway on Skin and Soft Tissue Infection Treatment Practices (Mallory Howard)


  • Pharmacist Impact Or Prescribing Practices of Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis in Non-ICUs (Hanna Park)


  • Pharmacy Student Involvement in a Treatment of Care Program (Raquel Hertiq)


  • Doubling Pharmacist Coverage in the Intensive Care Unit: Impact on the Pharmacist (Joshua McDaniel)


  • Impact of Naloxone Educations on Healthcare Professional Knowledge and Attitudes (Jacqueline Chorzempa)


  • Impact of a Standardized Diabetic Ketoacidosis Pathway in the Pediatric Emergency Department (Justina Lipscomb)