Effective October 9, 2017, the price of Heartsaver Course Completion eCards is $20. This the result of the American Heart Association increase on all Heartsaver eCards. Paper course completion cards are no longer available; SR-AHEC AHA Training Center now issues electronic course cards.

This affects only Heartsaver eCards:

  • Heartsaver First Aid
  • Heartsaver CPR AED
  • Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED
  • Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED


AHA Requirement on Use of Feedback Devices in Adult CPR Training Courses By January 31, 2019, the American Heart Association will require the use of an instrumented directive feedback device or manikin in all AHA courses that each the skills of adult CPR. Specifically, an instrumented directive feedback device or manikin is one that, at a minimum, provides audio or visual (or both) feedback on the rate and depth of compressions during CPR training. This requirement will impact AHA BLS, ACLS, ACLS EP, and Heartsaver Courses.

Definition & Descriptions: Instrumented Directive Feedback Devices An instrumented directive feedback device measures compression rate, depth, hand position, recoil, and chest compression fraction and provides real-time audio or visual feedback (or both) on these critical CPR skills. A feedback device can be integrated into a manikin or serve as an accessory to a manikin. To meet the AHA’s requirement, at a minimum, the device must measure and provide real-time audio feedback or visual feedback (or both) on compression rate and depth.

There are several kinds of instrumented directive feedback devices available for AHA Instructors to meet this requirement, including:

  • Those that can be added to and used with existing manikins;
  • Those that are part of manikins;
  • Monitors or defibrillators used with manikins; or
  • High-fidelity manikins

Feedback Device Specifics for CPR Instruction

RATE Examples of adequate visual feedback devices:

  • Manikin or device placed on manikin chest that uses light display to give real-time feedback
  • Device with screen display that detects rate of actual compressions

DEPTH & RECOIL Examples of adequate auditory feedback devices:

  • Manikin with mechanism that produces a clear audible indication, such as a click, tone, or prompt in real time when depth of compression meets AHA recommendations
  • Device placed on manikin chest that has screen display and sound capability giving audio and visual prompts in real time to push harder if depth of compression is inadequate


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