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Anxiety and Depression in a Global Health Crisis

As we continue to learn and adjust to this global health crisis, this is a great opportunity for us to check in with ourselves first, then with everyone else we are in contact with even on a small scale. Anxiety and depression are both potentially debilitating mental health disorders that impact all areas of one’s life.

Depression can present itself as anxiety, brooding, or irritability even as symptoms of physical pain. People who are depressed may not be willing or able to readily identify their symptoms. Saying things like ‘I just don’t feel well’ or ‘I’m tired’ can be a sign of concealed depression. Other subtle signs include:

  • Changes in sleeping patterns including excessive sleeping or insomnia
  • Reckless behavior
  • Crying for no apparent reason
  • Sudden aches and pain

Anxiety disorders are characterized by worry or excessive fear or caused by anticipation of a threat or conflict. While anxiety itself is a normal facet of life, anxiety disorders can disrupt one’s ability to function in day to day situations.

Much like depression, anxiety can have a number of causes, including biochemical imbalances or past traumas. When depression and anxiety occur together, coping with the dueling emotions is overwhelming. Feeling anxious about achieving goals or other’s expectations may cause inaction, deepening depression when one falls short.

It may be possible to create an environment of support and care that includes you, friends, family, and other supportive people, who can all work together to help you or anyone who deals with anxiety and depression to live the highest quality of life possible.lly.