The majority of all diabetic patients receive their care from a primary care physician. Despite the huge need for improved diabetes care, there is a shortage of specialty trained endocrinologists and diabetologists. Most of the Southern Regional AHEC's nine counties have no practicing endocrinologist. A primary care physician trained as a fellow in diabetes will bring the best of both disciplines to the situation. This physician will continue to deliver primary care to his/her patients and will manage the care of diabetic patients with greater expertise. This physician will have the option of specializing their practice to solely provide care of patients with diabetes, and to serve as a referral option for other primary care physicians.

We are proud to announce an opportunity to become the second Southern Regional AHEC Primary Care Diabetes Fellow. As a Diabetes Fellow you will have the opportunity to work closely with specialists in the field of diabetes, intensively studying this medical condition which has reached epidemic proportions, with the goal of becoming an expert in the field of diabetes care. This one year fellowship will begin in July 2020.

Over 90% of patients with diabetes are managed by primary care physicians with a team of other professionals including certified diabetes educators, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, psychologists, podiatrists and ophthalmologists. You will have the opportunity to study and practice with members of this extended team and will gain the experience to become an expert diabetologist.

This one-year fellowship is designed for family physicians who are interested in becoming Diabetologists. By the end of the fellowship you will have gained the skills to have a successful career providing care for patients interested in medical management of obesity and for complex diabetic patients (including insulin pump and CGM management).

Topics that you will learn include:

  • Medical complications of diabetes
  • Management of the diabetic foot ulcer
  • Management of diabetic retinopathy
  • Oral medication options for the management of diabetes
  • Injectable medication options for the management of diabetes
  • Starting and adjusting insulin regimens
  • Insulin pump management
  • Managing a continuous glucose monitoring system
  • Prescribing principles in the hospital
  • Interdisciplinary weight management
  • Oral and injectable medications for obesity management

During your fellowship you will see patients in a diabetes clinic with a diabetologist. You will become a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), will manage insulin pumps and become certified in pump management, and will see diabetic patients in the hospital as a consultant for an inpatient team. You will participate in a multidisciplinary weight loss clinic, and will attend a national diabetes meeting. You will work collaboratively in a supportive environment with a diverse faculty and will have an opportunity to immediately apply what you have learned by teaching medical students, family medicine residents and continuing medical education classes. Research opportunities may be available.

Application Process

Applications are due no later than March 31, 2020. Please send a letter of interest and three letters of recommendation to Dr. Lenny Salzberg, Diabetes and Obesity Medicine Fellowship Director. Letters can be sent electronically to or by mail to Lenny Salzberg, M.D., Southern Regional AHEC, 1601 Owen Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28304. Candidates will be notified of the offer for an onsite interview no later than April 15, 2020.

Please contact Dr. Salzberg or Cheryl Haynes with questions.