Community based preceptors can be credited for helping to prepare students for the realities and responsibilities of real world health care. Preceptors play an integral role in developing practice opportunities for health-science students that will develop and improve clinical skills, increase their ability to communicate effectively with patients, and become more aware and sensitive to various health beliefs, cultural, ethnic and gender differences.

To Become a Preceptor
  • Provide social security number and business address
  • Provide tax ID number
  • Provide personal address if payment is made directly to you
  • Notify us immediately for change if address or payment preference
Benefits Of Becoming A Preceptor
  • Become a part of a teaching community
  • Receive legislatively funded reimbursements
  • Receive credit toward Category 2 CME
  • Receive free access to the AHEC Digital Library (ADL) - a $250 value
ORPCE's Responsibilities to Preceptors
  • Making preceptor payments
  • Coordinating placements for students in community-based practices
  • Representing preceptor concerns to the schools and the NC AHEC Program office
  • Assisting provider with obtaining faculty appointments
  • Providing access to the AHEC Digital Library which includes Medline and other evidence-based resources.
ORPCE Contacts

Russet Rogers, Vice President
(910) 678-7249

Tonya Burney, Associate Director
(910) 678-7201

Ashley Williams, Student Services Support Specialist
(910) 308-0230

VCOM Contacts

Adam Santana, Site Coordinator
(910) 678-7214

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