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National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month! National Safety Month is a reminder to be more aware and help prevent deaths at work and unnecessary injuries in our homes, communities, and on the roads. The CDC encourages a 4-week plan that could be implemented the entire year.

Emergency Preparedness incorporates health and occupational safety into any emergency response plan. Identifying preparedness activities and strategic planning protocols are created to protect recovery and response workers. The best way to prepare for emergency situations is to actively participate in safety drills both at home and at work. If there is ever an emergency, being trained in First Aid CPR is a useful skill.

Wellness in a holistic approach for workers well-being, safety, and health has been explored as an opportunity to advance while protecting workers from hazards. Prolonged periods of high stress levels can lead to a number of physical ailments which can possibly lead to the risk of depression. Sleep is also important for your complete health. Lack of sleep in some jobs can have an adverse effect on the person and the people around them. Pilots, trucking, healthcare, and emergency responses are all occupations where fatigue is a serious problem.

Falls are a problem that’s preventable in the workplace but also remain persistent. Retail and wholesale industries and health services continue to have the highest number of nonfatal fall injuries. The number one cause of construction-worker fatalities are falls. Falls from heights often cause more serious injuries, deaths and are a safety risk for all age groups.

Motor vehicle accidents are a common danger. Ninety-four percent of motor vehicles accidents involve human error. Buckling up every time you are in a motor vehicles is a simple step that can take to help prevent injuries and death. An impaired driver plays a role in many crashes and driver impairments range from distracted driving to drugs, alcohol, and fatigue.