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The NC AHEC Practice Management Academy has been filled.

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Practices with an expert practice manager are ready to meet the challenges of our changing health care system and their patients experience a high degree of satisfaction.espite their significance to a successful medical practice, demanding schedules and limited budgets can make it difficult for practice managers to find the training they need to succeed.

The NC AHEC Practice Management Academy (PMA) is designed to offer cost-effective and relevant training for practice managers as well as opportunities for support and personal connection with their peers. Beginning the week of September 26, 2022 and lasting through June 2023, the PMA Practice Manager Bootcamp weekly sessions are designed to answer this basic question: “What basic skills and knowledge must a practice manager possess for their practices to thrive?” Topics will include financial management and insurance, human resources, leadership, technology, and quality improvement and more.

Endorsed by the North Carolina Medical Group Management Association (NCMGMA), those who complete the program will receive formal recognition of their accomplishment and CEU credits that can be applied to the continuing education requirement of the MGMA Certified Medical Practice Administrator certification.

Program Description

This course is designed to help novice practice managers gain the essential knowledge and skills necessary to support a successful practice. Designed for those who do not have an academic background in health care administration or many years of experience in a practice management position, participants will learn the basics principles of business administration, financial operations, compliance regulations, human resources, health information, and patient-centered care and how to apply them to building a dynamic practice. Use this opportunity to invest in yourself or your staff by sending a practice manager – you will see the return on your investment!

Overall Course Goals

At the completion of this course, those attending will be able to:

Ensure accurate and efficient financial management

  • Differentiate between insurance payment models
  • Handle insurance credentialing
  • Manage accounts receivable, accounts payable
  • Understand the basics of claim filing and the management of denials, appeals and audits
  • Write effective policies and procedures
  • Describe the relationship between coding practices and efficient billing

Manage Human Resources

  • Describe the components of an accurate job description
  • Recruit, interview and hire effective employees
  • Create an effective plan to onboard new employees
  •  Write a comprehensive employee handbook
  • Discuss best practices for regulatory and continuing education
  • Describe strategies for handling dysfunctional employee behaviors
  • Prepare comprehensive employee evaluations
  • Handle terminations and resignations in a manner consistent with labor laws.

Demonstrate confident leadership

  • Create a practice strategic plan
  • Promote a positive environment through conflict management, communication, appreciation, and team building.
  • Define cultural competence and how it affects patient care
  • Plan for the unexpected with a disaster plan
  • Identify methods for discovering emerging trends in practice management
  • Collaborate with providers to improve practice and patient outcomes.

Select, implement, and manage technology

  • Describe how electronic health records systems can be used to optimize patient care
  • Select office technology that enhances efficiency and minimizes costs
  • Enumerate best practices for implementing and administrating patient portals
  • Discuss how a practice can establish a digital presence
  • Articulate the standards of privacy and security management

Employ effective Quality Improvement strategies

  • Identify and instill effective customer service attitudes and behaviors
  • Analyze and adjust workflows for maximum efficiency
  • Differentiate between several continuous improvement methodologies.
  • Define "evidence-based medicine" and its implications for practice management
  • Explain how social determinants of health care affect the health care environment

Target Audience

For new practice managers with less than 5 years of experience in a practice management position.


This program will take place virtually once a week September 2022 through June 2023 and may include occasional special virtual and in person activities. 


$250 per participant